Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why I Want To Be Rich

Just reading through my daily web pages and one interesting question came up. Why do you want to be rich? It said to take an hour or so and really think about my goals and the reason why I want to be rich. So after lots of brainstorming and thought, here is what I came up with.

Why I want to be rich…

- I want to own myself and not work for people or items. (e.g. When you put something on a credit card, that item owns you until it’s paid off)
- I’ve been dead-broke before and I do not want my kid to ever feel the pain and stress that I had to deal with.
- To give my family (my kid, parents and sister) a stress-free, financial sense of freedom.
- To spend time with my kid at any time, any place.
- I want high-tech gadgets…ALL OF THEM!

These are my personal reasons and every 6 months I’ll go back and re-read my goals to see if what I’m doing in my life is reflecting what I’m trying to achieve.

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