Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The feeling you get when a credit card is paid off...

It's one of the best feelings. A sense of accomplishment! I currently have 3 credit cards that have a balance of less then $100 and within 2 weeks, all 3 cards should be paid off. This is just more motivation for me to keep going towards my goal of $100k. I've been trying to pay off these cards for the past year now and finally I've done it. As long as you have a game plan (my debt mastery program) and stick to it (not using the card while paying it off) it can be done! One method that really has helped me is to keep all my credit cards in a container inside my room. I can still access it if I truly need it, but at the same time helps prevent me from impulse buying. Impulse buying and boredom shopping is the enemy. Don't you agree?

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Dave Dragon said...

I agree completely!
I got off the "credit crack" dependency a while back and only have a mortgage, which is shrinking fast!

Congratulations on clearing a hurdle toward debt free living.