Saturday, December 2, 2006

Spend Less or Earn More

So I've been doing research on saving, spending and budgeting. I've come to my own conclusion. There's really only 2 ways for me to reach my goal of $100k. I can either spend less or earn more. I've actually incorporated both concepts into my life. I have cut out at 20% in my current spending habits. I do not eat out anymore. No more fast food for me. I've always been addicted to dollar menus from McDonald's and Wendy's. $1 cheeseburgers and $1 potatoes sound so enticing. But at the end of the week, when I added up my spending, I was in for a total shock. I've decided to cut out as much fast food as possible. Another wallet killer is Mexican food. California burritos are about $5... I used to eat one every other day. Now, I bring my own lunch to work, either left overs from last night or cup of noodle soups. Once I get on a regular budget, I'll be posting exactly what I spend throughout the week. I figure I can't cheat myself I write it down and post it to the world. I can only get one step closer to my goal.

As far as earning more goes, I've decided to get a part time job. I currently have a full time job as a data entry clerk and yesterday was my first day working for Casino Magic. It's a casino party service. I'm a poker/black jack dealer and I get paid $50 for about 3 hours of work. Not bad for some extra income on the weekends. Later on I'll post my career outline that I've been working on. I try to put all my thoughts down on papers so it gets closer to becoming a reality. I'll also post a blog on all the books I've read and movies I've seen that have brought motivation to me. Any suggestions on books that I should read are greatly appreciated. I have another poker gig tonight so hopefully all goes well. Dealing poker and blackjack is just another way for me to network and meet new people.

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