Friday, January 5, 2007

FICO Score Improves +41 from November

Good news! I checked my FICO credit score from Transunion and it went from 501 to 542 as of December 1st. I get an update every month from my Providian credit card and it's always great to see it rise. Last year Jan 06, my FICO score was at my all time high at 607. My all time low was in Oct 06 at 486. How did I manage to drop that low? Late payments and non-payments. On top of that, I managed to max out all my credit cards because I was in need of money. In matter of 2 months I went from 486 to 542 and it should only go up as I pay down my debt and keep my payments recent. Your credit score is really important! I repeat, don't take it for granted when you have a high credit score because it only takes a few months to ruin it. Most people already know how to improve their score and the only thing to help is TIME.

I am also signed up at which I pay $4.95/mo for a quarterly credit score, plus if anything changes on my credit report (new accounts, inquiries, collections, etc.) I get notified via email. I recommend you check your credit score at least once a year or have some sort of protection against identity theft (Click here to check out Lifelock).


CreditWise said...

I totally agree with you that a credit score is much important one. Unfortunately, I didn't know this earlier and did not care to make payments in time. So, my credit score came down from 620 till 418. I had to get a bad credit credit card and improve my credit score step by step.

Opra said...

Unfortunately, people don't realize that credit score is very important:( They understand it when they are rejected to get credit cards with attractive terms and profitable features because of their low credit rating.