Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My Action Play for January

As everything is getting back to normal after the holidays, I am starting on my "Action Plan" for January. I didn't really make any new years resolutions this year. Instead, I will be making an action plan every month and put it into effect asap. This month, my main goal is to get my poker table built. Poker is my main hobby and I plan to pursue a career in poker dealing. I'm already a certified Holdem/Omaha/7 Card Stud dealer. My friends will be helping me build a table from scratch so I can practice dealing at home. I've been doing all my research and within this week, I should have all my materials ready. Hopefully we can get started on the building process soon. It shouldn't take no more then 2 days to complete. I will post up the picture as soon as this project is complete.

As I read through alot of articles, it usually suggests to find something you love to do, and find a way to make money with it. Well, I love poker. Everybody knows you can make money in poker, but not everybody is capable of doing it. Some call it gambling, others call it luck but the dedicated ones call it skill. I plan to be a dealer for 3-5 years, then from there either go semi-pro as a player (If i'm good enough) if not, I will probably go towards becoming a pit boss. I can't find myself doing something other than being inside a casino. I love the atmosphere!

January 2007 Action Plan:
1. Build poker table
2. Practice dealing 3hrs a day
3. Play as much poker as possible
4. Read 1 chapter a day in my poker books

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