Sunday, January 14, 2007

Poker Table Project COMPLETE!

Woohoo! Finished building my poker table after 6 long hours. Everything went pretty smooth except for wrapping the rail with vinyl. We didn't have the proper staple gun so we had to use the good ole nail and hammer. I am not good with my hands and luckily my 2 uncles and cousin helped me out. Thanks! I'll be calculating the total cost of the table.

Money Spent:
$103.43 Jo-anns
$44.00 Golden House (Lunch)
$12.90 Wal-mart
$90.37 Home Depot
$250.70 Total Cost of Poker Table

I would have spent over $400 if I were to buy a pre-made one. So I did some research and made my own. My 2 uncles are carpenters so that made everything much easier.


ladylike4 said...

Super Nice...Congratulations. You should really be able to get some good practice in on that one.


at123 said...

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Neil said...

Thanks ladylike4. Sure hope to get as much practice as possible, I got some big plans in store for 2007!

Art123: Sure, i'll exchange links with you. You can email me at

at123 said...

Ok I now link to your site too.