Sunday, March 11, 2007

What Are You Spending Your Tax Return On?

It's almost that time. You know, getting your tax refund back and either saving it or spending it on a certain item you've been waiting for all year for. This year I'm getting my largest refund back. What am I going to be spending it on? What else, credit card bills! I'm not buying myself anything this year except putting a little away in my Roth IRA and in my son's account. The rest will go to credit cards and anything I owe money to. What did you spend your tax return on? Hopefully something useful or something that you've always wanted. Next year I'll treat myself to a gadget or something. A toy that can keep me busy but productive at the same time...

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Luke said...

I just was returned a rather large amount of $3500 and I just paid off one of my cars, which is a great feeling. I know my wife and I could have had an extra $65 a week if we had balanced our taxes and whatnot, but I really like getting a substantial return, even if I didn't earn interest.

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