Saturday, June 23, 2007

$26 Billion, is that enough money?

I had a interesting discussion with a couple of friends of mine on Friday night. I asked if $26 Billion dollars would be enough and what would they do with it? We all agreed that $26 billions is MORE than enough. Heh, I really don't know how some superstars go broke after making their first million.

I listen to a lot of poker podcast shows and one of the topics were on richest people in the gambling world. They were talking about someone who was worth $26 billion. Then they started talking about how much money that actually is. If you think about it, you can basically buy anything you've ever wanted and still have money left over. You could give your mom, dad, brothers and sisters each 1 million, and that wouldn't even dent your net worth. Just imagine the possibilities. What would you do? Most people dream of being rich, but how much money do you actually want? At work, I get the chance to look at appraisals on homes that range from $100k all the way to 16 million. It's unbelievable how some people actually have this kind of money, but it gives me hope that it is actually attainable. My goal of $100k is just a small stepping stone of what I really want and hopefully I'm taking the right steps to getting there.