Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Weekend..

The weekend is here! Nothing really new in my financial world. I'm trying a new approach to paying my car note. Since I get paid weekly on Friday's, I figured I should split up my monthly car payment by 4 and pay it weekly on each payday. I pay $333 a month so it breaks down to $83.25 per week. Maybe it's a physiological thing, but it makes it seem easier to pay off that way. Does anybody out there have any type of tricks to paying off their bills or debt?

Been playing more poker than ever. I also started listening to my poker podcast shows again. No more listening to crappy radio stations while I drive. Since I'm in my car almost 1 and a half hours each day, I might as well be productive. I guess I got some motivation after watching The Secret once more and listening to the audio book while driving to work. Check it out, it may or may not work for you. All I know is it's been bringing better things into my life.

The Secret (Extended Edition)

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