Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Helping & Giving advice

I've just realized that sometimes, trying to help other people or giving advice is not worth it. I have good intentions when I give my 2 cents, but lately, I've gotten the same response from people. So going forward, I'll keep my advice to myself and only offer it to those who ask. Why are people stubborn? Why do people want to go through heart aches and the trial and error when somebody else has already gone through it and trying to save them time and money?

I write this blog for myself. So I can look back and see how my decisions have led to the life I live now. I am not a financial adviser nor a planner. I'm not rich, nor do I pretend to be. I'm a regular guy with a goal to achieve a positive net worth.

On a positive note, I have an appointment to meet with a financial advisor. He's a friend of mine and he's going to help me optimize all my current investments and help create a plan for me and my son. Hopefully all goes well and I'll be able to get a better rate of return on the money I have saved. Another step in the right direction.

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