Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lower APR for Credit Cards

Yesterday I was reading some online articles about how to lower your credit card APR, so I figured, what the heck, let me call up all my credit card companies and try it out. I took out 3 of my cards that I could find and called each of the customer service numbers on the back. All I did was simply ask, "How can I lower my APR?" Each rep said the same thing, "Give me a minute while I look into that." These were the results:

Discover Card
21.9% to 15.9%

Capital One MC
16% to 14.9%

15.9% to 13.9%

Overall it was a success! I highly recommend you just call the 800 # on the back and simply ask how they can lower your APR. I was able to save 6% on my Discover card, 1% on my Capital One and 2% on my Mastercard. I know I have more credit cards to call, but they're already low and I'll wait a little longer until I've had them for more than a year. Good luck to everybody!

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ankur said...

saving 6%...... looks impressive.

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