Monday, July 14, 2008

Forgot to add my Forex

New update to my Mid-July net worth. Forgot to add a debt and my forex account.

Total Assets: $13,596
Total Debts: -$22,352
Net Worth: -$8,756

Difference from last month: -$4,55
Percentage Difference: -5.48%

NetWorthIQ Click here to see full details.

1 comment:

harmgb said...

I certainly wish you the best.
But I notice that "no risk" and
"money back guarantee" are prominent
i several of your posts. I know that you mean "money back" that you
have paid for the system, not "money
back" that you might have lost in
trades, but some might not see that.
You are competing against lots of
folks who are VERY knowlegable about
economics and factors affecting foreign
exchange, factors they know before
they are public knowlege. "Automatic profits" sounds good, but remember when house flipping sounded like 'automatic profits'? The owners of the Forex exchange, and the other players love amateurs, in the same way that pro poker players love amateurs, and sharks love seals. beware!