Friday, January 19, 2007

Credit Score Update

Just got an email from WAMU that said my credit score has changed +/-20. I logged in the web site and to my surprise my credit score has gone from 542 to 579!! Woohoo. Another increase of 37 points in 1 month. In November 2006 my score was at 501 and 2 months later, after paying off alot of my bills and starting this web page, it's gone up 78 points! Things are looking positive...

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JoeTaxpayer said...

I know this was an old post, found it through google. Can you tell me how often the WAMU site score is updated? I just got the card a month or two ago, and the score is from 4/21, today is 5/24. Do they not update every month?
Thanks! And why not tell us how you're doing on your score?