Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thank You Wells Fargo.

Yesterday I found out that I was charged 2 NSF at $34 each because I didn't have enough money to cover my auto-transfers. What I did this morning at 6:45am is call up Wells Fargo and asked them politely, "I checked my account balance yesterday and I saw I had 2 insufficient fund fees, is there anyway you can help me with it?" The customer rep then put me on hold to talk to a supervisor, 3 mins later, she said they were able to credit back one of the $34 charges. Wow. It's really that simple. One phone call can save you money! I've MANY NSF's in my past and I never bothered to call. I think I've read this tip online at many financial web pages, so just to confirm, ITS TRUE!! Thanks Wells Fargo, I hope I never get another NSF ever again.

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Anonymous said...

lucky you. i guess that supervisor was feeling good today! good enough not to screw you over.