Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I Couldn't Help Myself

Yesterday I was approved for a credit card and today I received another credit card offer. Same envelope and all, same company/bank except different brand. Instead of a Visa or MC, it was a Discover Card. I had a Discover Card back in 1999 and they ended up closing on me due to non-payments. Well, I wanted to try my luck again and walla!! I was approved again. I'm not sure of my credit limit, but all I know is there is NO annual fee so things are looking up. Just a couple of years ago, I was actually denied a secured credit card from Wells Fargo. I'll stop with the credit card offers and wait until my credit score goes past 650 before I start doing the arbitrage credit card tricks.

On another side note, I finally received my Google Adsense check. $108!! Woohoo, going to add that money to my savings. Now I'm just waiting on my other affiliate checks.

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