Tuesday, March 6, 2007

On Another Job Hunt...

Yesterday was my first day of job hunting. I hit up Monster, hotjobs and career builder. Today the calls started to pour in. I had 1 interview over the phone, and 4 interviews scheduled for the next 2 days. I'm weighing out my options and going to go with the most money potential. I have over 5 years in sales experience and this time around, I think I'm gonna go back to that just to save up money. Commission jobs always pay the most and I haven't done sales since April 06. Hourly jobs just don't cut it for me. The only drawback is most commission jobs require you to work on the weekends, but after lots of consideration, I noticed I don't do anything on weekends anyways except sleep or be bored. Hopefully I start work within 2 weeks so I can get back to savings. I hate the down time.

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