Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Credit Score

I just got an update today on my new credit score. Last month I was at 590, today I hit 600! Woohoo. My credit score has been increasing steadily every month since October 06. Paying my bills on time and time itself is the only way my credit score will increase to my goal of 750. As my debt to income ratio gets lower, and as long as I pay my bills, it can only go up! Things are looking good right now.



How did you raise your score?

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! Keep up the great work.

Neil said...

a grown azzed woman: Pay ALL bills ontime. Pay down debt. Pay all collections. Do not use credit cards. Over the course of a year, your credit score will raise if you do all those together.

jennifer: thanks!

dagmar said...

hah, chase gave me a $11,000 card. great card, but i'm not gonna go bucwild on it. it has a 3% cash back rebate if i buy chit from grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and gas stations. anyhow, credit cards are evil.

oh yah dood, my check card was compromised recently. anyhow, i got my monz back, thankfully. i'm trying to get a hold of the chick doing the investigation on my account, so i know exactly where my card # was lifted off from. the only real possibilities i can think of at the moment are at a restaurant and the internet. it's mind boggling, because i'm very careful with my shit as far as the internet is concerned. i'm leaning on the restaurant shit, because i hardly ever use my check card except for restaurants and i have seen, and read, how easily it is for some crooked nigga (waiter) to steal cc #s.

Anyhow dood - work sucks0rs.

oh yah, congrats on the credit score increase.

Xinfinitum said...

Good work on raising your credit score.

I am on a journey as well. I started in August of last year and have been working at my "Double To A Million Plan"

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