Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nothing New...

Nothing new going on over here on my side of the financial world. I'll be updating my net worth on May 1st. I've paid all my bills on time and I didn't run out of money so that's a good sign. I'm still working on my online appraisal courses. I'm probably about 33% done with it. Hopefully I'll be done with it by the end of May. That way I can take the state exam asap.

The NFL draft is officially over. I'm not a huge football fan but I am a Bears fan and I hope they picked up the people that they wanted. I got to watch some of the Bulls game vs the Heat. The Pistons are next on their list. Now only if the Cubs could win, I'd be a happy camper. Till next time...


dagmar said...

Hah, yeah dood - I was surprised as hell when the Bulls knocked the Heats off in sweep fashion. WTF! As for the NFL, I wasn't really paying attention to other teams in the draft other than the Chargers. Hopefully these fools that AJ got pan out. I believe he drafted some safety, but he's a white guy. Nothing against white people in the safety position, John Lynch being the example, but I don't know......... Hahahah. He, Weddle, just better be leet.

As for your Cubs dood... I don't know what to say... You guys have like 2 potentially great pitchers that are often injured. Anyhow, nothing really to follow in baseball. Oh wait, maybe Bonds's chase of the HR record.

Xinfinitum said...

Hi Neil,

You asked what my Blog was about:

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Essentially, I have two blogs, one is a timeline of the money I make that I add to my stake and the DTAMP Blog is a more detailed description of my adventures and exploits as I struggle along to reach my million dollar goal.

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I hope you do become an avid reader. Thanks for the Link, I added your link to my "Other Comrades".