Saturday, June 2, 2007

Net Worth as of June 2, 2007

Here is my monthly Net Worth update.

Total Assets: $4,843
Total Debts: -$22,669
Net Worth: -$17,826

Difference from last month: $1,256
Percentage Difference: 6.58%

NetWorthIQ Click here to see full details.

Wow, what a great month! $1,256 difference from last month and I thought I was spending more than I was saving. Just hacking away at my debt slowly but surely. I remember back in December when I was -$23k in the hole, now 6 months later, $6,000 down and only $17k left to go. At this rate, 17 more months of having the same spending and saving habits, I should be debt free. I really believe that this blog has helped me save because it gives me a clear path on my goal and I'm not "guestimating" how much I spend and save each month. I'm really glad I've been updating my networthiq page each month because I see that my assets is going up little by little, while my liabilities is going down.

On another note one of my former employers MSW is currently getting sued and I sent in my paperwork for the class action lawsuit. Hopefully I can get a couple of thousand from this lawsuit and it will all go towards my debt. Last year my other former employee T-Mobile got sued and I got around $1,200.

Half way through the year far, so good.

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