Saturday, June 2, 2007

Woohoo! Finally Finished!

I finally finished my appraisal online course. After 90 hours and a month of reading, I'm done! Now I just need to take the state exam and pass. My plan is to go over all the review questions and keep doing them until they're drilled in my head. I don't know exactly how long before I will actually take the test but I'll use that time to study. I believe I have 2 chances to pass the state test or I'll have to retake the entire course over again. I understood pretty much all of it and since I do work as a customer service rep at an appraisal company, I'm around it 8 hrs a day plus I get to talk to appraisers first hand and I pick at their brains. I find that going over any quality issues found on submitted reports from appraisers is one of the best ways to learn. I call them and let them know what to correct and most of them will do the corrections over phone. Then they just start to talk and I ask them questions like what they like about their job, how long they've been doing it and what type of advice they can give me if I wanted to become an appraiser. Most appraisers I talk to out there have been doing it for 20 years since the 80's and they all seem to like their job. I can't wait... I'm one step closer to becoming a trainee.

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