Wednesday, September 12, 2007

1 month has passed...

Wow, 1 month has passed since my last update. Lots of new changes going on in my life. I was recently laid off from my job last month and that's the main reason of no updates. I was on a crazy job search. 2nd of all, my child was going to head start day care which was free, but based off my income from this past year, they said I was no longer qualified. Now I will have to find a daycare. Here's the good news. I start my new job on Monday Sept 17 as an Enrollment Advisor at a college. We'll see how this all works out. I will have a significant increase in pay so let's see if I can save more and get out of debt faster. 2nd, I was able to find a program CDA which helps find daycares based off my income at a low price. Rough estimate is $15/day which comes out to about $300 per month.

Since my job loss, my debt has increased. I was averaging about $1k a month of debt deductions, however this month I gained $1k in debt because I had to resort to my savings and credit cards. I've been without a job for about a month so I've been as frugal as possible. I'll be back on track starting Monday. I did update my networthIQ and I will be updating this site more often.

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