Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quicken 2008 Preview... Day 1

I recently got a copy of Quicken 2008 Home and Business from a good friend of mine. I've tried the trial version of MS Money 2007 and I had problems connecting to my online accounts for banks and credit cards. With Quicken 2008, I had no problems setting up all my accounts. I'm currently tracking all my bank accounts, all credit cards, investments such as IRA and stocks. I've used Quicken in the past but was not impressed and I was leaning towards MS Money more. This version may have changed my mind. Today is my first day using it so lets see if I can keep my finances in check. I do like the vista gadget of the billminder. That way I have NO excuse on ever being late on a payment again. You can get a copy at the link below using my Amazon affiliate link:

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